Home upgrades made safe and easy

Ucasa is an application that enables home owners to research, budget, plan, and complete their home upgrades from the comfort and safety of their own couch.

The application also enables contractors and businesses alike to find work they’re great at doing, for people they want to work do the work for, and ensures they get paid what they’re owed on time.


Home owners get premium service, quality products, and expert installation.

Businesses get referrals and reviews, more quality jobs, and reduced administration.

We make it safe and easy for you

Whether you’re a home owner looking to improve your palace or a company who helps make it happen Ucasa helps make that connection.


The Morgan’s want to upgrade their home with new windows and perhaps a new front door because the kids keep slamming it and now there’s a gap.

Herein lies problem number one: They don’t want someone coming to their house—particularly in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. Problem number two? They know nothing about windows and doors.

He’s an accountant and she’s a CEO in a tech startup; what do they know about upgrading their home? Nothing except they need new windows and probably a new door.

So, he heads to the Internet to try and learn but quickly becomes overwhelmed with all the options, and installation, and warranty. And he can’t find a price anywhere.

She considers driving to the store to try and figure out how much it will be but with Physical Distancing Measures in place this just doesn’t seem smart so she stays home.

They just want to upgrade their home—maybe they’ll just go to Amazon and see what else they can buy.


Joe has a family-run business doing home renovations with his wife and kids. He loves working with his hands, and even more, he loves helping people improve their homes.

He really hates running his website, knows nothing about SEO or boosting posts on Facebook, and if it was up to him he’d go back to paying $500 a month to be in the Yellow Pages and call it a win.

Most of his business comes from referrals but like many small businesses he could always use more work; he just isn’t sure how to get the word out in an increasingly mobile and isolated world.

As a family-run business it also falls on everyone to work out scheduling of jobs, invoicing, picking up and delivering materials, doing the work, cleaning up when the work is done, and finally getting paid.

Hopefully they get paid.